Milk Thistle For Liver Health

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In our never ending journey into the world of total health, we have stopped for a visit on liver health. Our blog has covered many other areas of health, so it is only right that we look at one of the most important organs in the body! We are going to take a look at milk thistle, a supplement that is widely used for liver health all around the world!

Milk thistle is a natural plant that grows in the wild in many parts of the world, such as the Americas, Africa, India, and Australia. Usually, milk thistle is cultivated in Europe and North America within the first year of growth. The most useful part of the plant is the brown-colored seeds, but the leaves and flowers and also used in some alternative therapies.

Milk thistle is commonly found in liver health supplements for good reasons. For thousands of years, people have used milk thistle to cure health issues, usually revolving around the liver. While the powerful effects of milk thistle for general liver health are all but proven, the exact benefits it has on somebody with liver disease hasn’t been tested enough to actually state that it is effective for that purpose. However, liver health isn’t just for people with liver disease!

Milk thistle has been found to aid in the recovery from issues like: cirrhosis, inflated liver enzymes, hepatitis, liver inflammation, hardening of the liver, liver cancer, and jaundice. It is also recommended for people undergoing cancer treatments, as it is a great agent to help detoxify the blood. Milk thistle is also used to reduce the damage on the liver from toxic substances and drugs that may affect the liver. That is why people who use steroid substances use milk thistle to protect their liver. It has been shown to be an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory for other parts of the body. It has even been shown to regulate estrogen in the body.

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You can buy milk thistle supplements almost anywhere supplements are sold, as they are so useful and popular. Most people will use it when they contract liver problems and take it in a repair and preventive cycle. For example, they will take a higher dose for 3 months until the liver condition is better and then go into the preventive stage and take a lower dose for as long as they want. Milk thistle has very mild and rare side effects that can range from headaches to abdominal pain and many other things in between. For the most part, it is a very safe supplement.

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