MLB To Start HGH Testing

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The HGH testing debate in professional sports has been focused on the NFL’s situation for the past few months. However, all eyes shifted towards the MLB on Tuesday with their new agreement to start HGH testing on its players.

The MLB drew up a new five year labor deal that incorporated random HGH testing of its players as well. The deal sounds a lot like the NFL deal that was agreed upon in July. As of now, the MLB and its players have reached an agreement for off-season testing. A player that tested positive for HGH in the off season or in training camp will be suspended for 50 games from the upcoming season. This is the same penalty that is used for players who test positive for steroid usage. As for the punishment for testing positive in the season, no agreement has been made.

The World Anti-Doping Agency has came out and applauded the MLB for being the first official professional sports league to implement HGH testing on its players. True, the NFL agreed to do so a few months before, but the player’s association have still not agreed on the means of the testing, which has caused a relatively long set back.

However, the MLB doesn’t have any testing set up for in season. The league has came out and said they will continue to think about in season HGH testing, as long as it doesn’t affect the player’s health and safety.

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