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In recent years, it seems that more and more companies are beginning to offer onsite health care for their employees. It’s convenient for both boss and employee, and makes it possible to use less time away from work for their health care needs.

It’s not just a primary care physician anymore either. It seems that companies are moving beyond an “as-needed” medical care practice and into deeper and more complex territory. An on-site doctor is no longer limited to tending potentially sick employees.

Now, companies are supplying resources for anything from dental care to physical therapy. The number of companies that are providing these types of services is rising too. Thirty-seven percent of the companies that employ 5,000 plus people have onsite medical care available. This information comes from the Mercer consulting firm.

These “wellness initiatives” improve overall employee health and by doing so enhance their productivity. It’s a chain reaction that many large companies are beginning to understand.    If an employee finds they are in need of physical therapy, for example, many companies are beginning to provide the service onsite. This makes it possible for the employee to receive the therapy they need without eating up extra travel time or those precious after work hours.

Some companies are even making online health care services available for their employees to access from their home. If an issue should arise once the employee is home, they can chat with a doctor and potentially even obtain a prescription. 18% of large employers offer “telemedicine,” the ability to contact and speak with a healthcare professional over the phone.

One of the benefits of using onsite health care services is that most companies that provide them are self-insured, which means that the company will pay for its employees’ health care claims directly. This makes having the health care onsite a smart move.   In addition to health care, dental care, physical therapy, and even counseling services, there are also some companies that offer their employees easy access to a company gym. One of the smartest moves a company can make is investing in the overall health of their employees, not just in their health care. One study suggests that employees who eat the proper servings of fruits and vegetables are 20% more productive than employees who eat unhealthy foods instead.

Some American Express employees have access to dental care via a van. Workers in Phoenix and Salt Lake can get routine exams, cleanings and even fillings or other minor dental procedures. Resources like this are key to retaining employees; making workers lives more convenient works wonders in overall employee morale.

Companies are also supporting their employee’s mental health. Some onsite clinics are adding mental health services, such as short-term counseling as well as mental health referrals. This is a huge step, as depression and other various mental health issues are on the rise.

The addition of onsite health care services in larger companies is a great way to increase worker morale, and to increase employee retention. The companies that have realized the potential of making these services available are reaping the benefits.

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