New FDA Warning Shows Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

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When people choose to take supplements, they usually do so out of concern for their health. However, depending on the supplement they take or the company that makes it, not all supplements are beneficial, healthy, or even all that safe. If you are currently taking natural, safe supplements such as HGH-boosting Deer Antler Spray, you know that supplementing with certain substances can increase your energy, improve your health, and help you to be fit and trim. However, beware of supplements that claim to help improve health, but in reality may do more damage than good.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not regulate all supplements and health-boosting products on the market, but they do step in and warn consumers when they have significant concerns about certain products. This was the scenario on Monday, December 27, when the FDA issued a warning regarding a dietary supplement named Mass Destruction. The product, produced for a Sims, North Carolina-based company named Blunt Force Nutrition, was the target of the FDA warning following reports that a healthy 28 year-old man needed to have a liver transplant only weeks after he began taking Mass Destruction and suddenly began to experience liver failure.

The product was marketed as a supplement capable of stimulating muscle growth, just like the products you may be familiar with that contain Human Growth Hormone. However, unlike a safe, natural HGH supplement, the FDA warned customers against buying Mass Destruction because it contains synthetic steroids that may be harmful. According to the product label, Mass Destruction contains one synthetic anabolic steroid, and is currently undergoing testing to determine if there are more harmful ingredients in the supplement.

Consumers may not know the risks associated with anabolic steroids, especially in products that they are trusting with their health. According to FDA, there are plenty of warnings signs that can arise to alert people that the supplement they are taking is having a negative effect on their health. These signs include: stomach or back pain, fatigue, a change in urine color, and more serious problems including risk of heart attack or stroke in long term users, and changes in male or female characteristics in users of both genders.

Choosing your supplements carefully is not only a matter of personal health goals and objectives, but also a matter of protecting the very health you are trying to enhance. There are safe, natural, and effective supplements designed to help you reach your goal of looking or feeling younger, increasing your muscle mass, or helping you to lose weight. The key is to understand the supplement’s label and buy from a company you trust. That way, you never have to experience what the man taking Mass Destruction did: facing a health crisis because the product he trusted let him down.

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