Nutritional Ideas for American Diabetes Month in November

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November is American Diabetes Month and is sponsored by the American Diabetes Association, whose vision is to help as many people as possible to live lives that are free from diabetes and all the burdens that are linked to the condition. Increasing awareness regarding the Diabetes disease is chief among the major efforts of the American Diabetes Association. The American Diabetes Month is a significant element in this particular effort; there are specific programs that are designed with a view to focusing the attention of the nation on the issues that surround Diabetes and the millions of people affected by the condition.

Recent Statistics Concerning Diabetes

The following are some of the recent statistics related to the Diabetes disease:

• Close to 30 million adults and children in the United States suffer from Diabetes.
• Approximately 86 million people in United States have Pre-Diabetes; this particular group is at a high risk of getting Type II Diabetes.
• The American Diabetes Association has made the estimation that the national cost of treating and managing Diabetes is approximately $245 billion.

About the American Diabetes Month

The American Diabetes Month is held annually in the month of November. This is the time when people are encouraged to come together with a view to putting a stop to Diabetes. Tips on how to remain healthy during the holiday period are posted on the American Diabetes Association website. The most important steps in preventing or managing Diabetes, as emphasized during the American Diabetes Month, include healthy eating and remaining active. The following are some of the outlined activities for the American Diabetes Month in November, 2014, according to the association’s website:

1) Get Moving Monday

Finding the stamina to engage in various types of exercises can be tough. Tips that will assist you to remain healthy the whole week will be provided.

2) Tasty Tip Tuesdays

Cooking methods that are healthier and easier, while keeping the taste of the food in mind, are featured on Tuesdays.

3) What’s Cooking? Wednesdays

Americans are given the chance to vote for their favorite side dishes, appetizers, etc. At the end of the November month, all winning dishes are put together and the perfect meal for the holiday is unveiled.

4) Get Together Thursdays

It’s more fun to have your meals with friends and family as opposed to doing the same on your own. The happy planning guide is handy to guide you on how to go about it!

5) Fact Check Fridays

You are challenged about your knowledge concerning Diabetes and nutrition every week via Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

6) Weekend Challenge

Americans are encouraged to get active over the weekend and assist in raising funds for the vision and mission of the American Diabetes Association. There are several ways in which you can be of help to the association. Take up the weekend challenge and help in stopping Diabetes!

Nutritional Ideas in Regards to Diabetes

The following are some simple nutrition ideas in regards to the Diabetes disease:

• Eating right is very important in preventing, controlling and reversing Diabetes in certain instances. Making positive lifestyle changes can play a big role in preventing or controlling Diabetes. The trick is to eat foods that will help you to lose some weight which will translate to lower blood sugar, cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
• Drinking more coffee helps in reducing the risk of developing Type II Diabetes.
• The best diets are those that contain high protein levels.
• Always avoid eating sugar as much as possible.
• Include foods that are rich in fiber in your diet.

Health eating and exercising are the most effective ways in treating, managing and reversing the Diabetes condition. Take time to plan your meals so as to ensure that all the meals that you have are well balanced. Hopefully, these simple tips can help to decrease the rising numbers of new Diabetic cases.

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