Oral Health

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Since this blog is dedicated to supplying its readers with the best information about health, it is imperative to look at all forms of health. Of course, if you have been following our blog, we focus mostly on nutrition, fitness, supplements, and anti-aging. However, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t look at all other forms of health. We have been through many various topics, like the air you breathe to living green to be healthier. Now, we are looking at the importance of oral health.

Your oral health can really tell you a lot about your overall health. It is widely known that your salvia protects your body from bacteria that can cause diseases and other health conditions. However, your mouth also hosts over 500 types of bacteria that lead to plaque. So, what does oral health do for your overall health? Lets look at how it can hurt you.

An individual with gum disease is at a much higher risk of clogged arteries, strokes, and heart attacks. Toxins from a dirty mouth can harm pregnancy and cause premature birth. Gum disease also opens up your blood stream for the bacteria, which can obviously lead to many more health conditions, considering that your immune system has already been lowered.

So, if you are contemplating skipping the two-a-day brush, definitely think twice. Your oral health is something can affect your health more than just being a little overweight, which is something that people focus on more than oral health. Remember, health isn’t just about fitness and nutrition, it includes a lot more.

Do you know of any other conditions that bad oral health can cause or even personal experiences? We would love to hear them with a comment below!

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