Pat Mendes Tests Positive For HGH

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There is a first for everything. However, if you are Pat Mendes, you probably don’t feel too proud that you are the first American Olympian to test positive for HGH use. He has been banned for two years, which is a big hit since he is the top ranked American in the above-105-kilogram weight class.

Mendes was tested for the banned substance and when the results came back positive, he admitted that he had been using HGH. Some people, including USADA CEO Travis Tygart, believe that this proves that HGH testing is reliable and should be implemented in sports like the NFL, which has been putting HGH testing on the back burner for more than just a few months.

What will be the future of Mendes and Olympic weight lifting in general? Are more competitors using the banned substance of HGH for an athletic edge? Only time will tell how many professional athletes have regularly been using HGH to gain that advantage. What do you think about this story? Let us know with a comment below!

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