Performance Enhancing Secrets of Olympic Athletes

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The upcoming London Summer Olympic Games are set to capture the attention of the whole world, for all the right reasons. The Olympics are a celebration of elite athletes’ dedication, strength, motivation and talent. However, you don’t have to be an elite athlete yourself in order to benefit from some of the very same training and performance enhancement secrets used by Olympic athletes. In fact, using some of the following suggestions can provide a boost to your training regimen and help you perform smarter, faster and better than before. You may not be ready to perform at the next Summer Olympic Games, but you’ll feel like a winner nonetheless!

One of the most important muscles in an Olympic athlete’s body is the brain. In order to overcome trials and adversity, push harder and train smarter, having the correct mental mindset is essential. Many Olympic athletes are trained to visualize themselves performing well and winning. This is a highly effective technique you can use in your own life that is simple and powerful. Visualizing yourself performing perfectly, whether it’s finishing that marathon in record time or simply completing all your reps on a particular day requires the brain to map out the actions needed in order to accomplish your particular goal. This creates a “muscle memory” that feels to your brain just like the real thing. Keep the images positive and focused, and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish during your next training session.

How do you know what level of performance you are at or how far you’ve progressed in your fitness regimen? Chances are, you have completed some form of log, journal or tracking system. This is essential for Olympians who are in training, and it can be essential to your own routine as well. Logging your workouts, mood, nutrition and any deviations from the norm such as pain, weakness or fatigue can provide you powerful insight into yourself, your limits and your goals.

Olympians are often viewed by regular folk as somewhat superhuman. The truth is, Olympians are regular people who have devoted thousands of hours to becoming the best at what they do. Olympic athletes also take care of their bodies by eating right, hydrating, getting plenty of rest, and properly warming up and cooling down. There is a mix of genetics, motivation and talent in an Olympian that can seem like magic. However, treating your body well, like Olympic athletes do, will help you feel, look and perform better.

One of the greatest secrets to performing like an Olympian is the belief that you will succeed. Every single day, Olympic athletes and regular people like us work toward our goals with the belief that we will reach and even surpass them, allowing us to set even greater goals. Even though you may never become an elite world-class athlete, these performance enhancing secrets can help you feel the same sense of accomplishment they feel when they stand atop the podium.

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