Peter Thiel Using HGH in Quest to Reach 120

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Plenty of people would love to add an extra year or two to our lives. So, we eat healthy, exercise and try to keep our body systems functioning efficiently. That’s not good enough for Peter Thiel, a US technology entrepreneur.

Peter Thiel, cofounder of PayPal and high-dollar Facebook investor, has begun taking human growth hormones every day, in an effort to extend his life. Thiel hopes that these HGH pills will extend his life up to the age of 120.

Human growth hormone is a chemical produced by the pituitary gland. HGH is still something of a scientific mystery, but we do know that it regulates growth in children and adolescents, as well as bodily fluids and muscle and bone growth. HGH also regulates the body’s sugar and fat metabolism.

Thiel doesn’t rely on the HGH alone, however. He also follows a strict Paleo diet, meaning that he will not eat foods that were not around in Paleolithic times. He doesn’t eat refined sugar in any form.

The Paleo diet is also known as the “caveman” diet. The Paleo diet basics are relatively simple. You eat only what could be hunted or gathered. Fish, meat and eggs are at the bottom of the Paleo pyramid, with vegetables above it, followed by a small amount of fruits, and above that nuts.

Paleo diet followers do not eat beans, wheat or other whole grains. They also abstain from any food that has been processed. This means basically anything that comes in plastic wrapping. While Paleo is a very healthy diet, even Thiel admits “Paleo won’t get you to 120. We need technology and innovation to lead longer and healthier lives.”

As far as the daily effects of human growth hormone, Thiel says he’s noticed a difference in his bones, ligaments and muscles. He says it’s helped him “maintain muscle mass, so it’s less likely to get bone injuries and arthritis… as you get older.”

Human growth hormone is also purported to boost your sex drive, increase muscle mass, make your skin look younger and even potentially give you more energy. However, we don’t know everything there is to know about HGH, with some potentially serious problems or side effects. Testing of HGH for the purpose of maintaining a younger body is not sufficient yet.

Thiel did admit there are some studies showing that taking HGH can increase your risk of cancer. The human growth hormone encourages the production of human cells, good and bad alike. It’s possible that it could exacerbate or accelerate the growth of any cancerous or precancerous cells in his body.

Thiel isn’t too worried about cancer, however. “I’m hopeful that we’ll get cancer cured in the next decade.” A truly optimistic perspective, to be sure.

Peter Thiel’s dream to live to 120 is an interesting one. Born in 1967, that would put his potential death date in the year 2087, a year so far away it’s difficult to guess what the world will be like. If Thiel gets his wish, he has 73 years left to continue making his mark on the world.

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