Prevent Aging…While You’re Young!

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None of us know how long we will actually live, but there are many things we can do during our lifetime to ensure that we are here and healthy for as long as possible. Some of the ways we can live a long and healthy life are simple, some require effort, and some may depend on factors out of our control such as genetics or where we live. One thing that remains true is that you have the power to create a long and happy life for yourself by making some important choices, and you can start while you are still young! Here are some important steps you can take today that will give your future self the best life possible!

You are what you eat… Eating foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidents are great for the health of your skin, hair, nails, organs, even your brain! A diet rich in vegetables can help reduce the effect of toxins on your body’s basic building blocks: cells; a diet full of colorful fruits provide you with necessary antioxidents. Eating fish can help your brain and your skin. In fact, good fats of all varieties, such as olive or coconut oil and nuts are brain-boosting.

…and what you don’t. The foods you avoid in your lifetime are just as, if not more, important than the ones you eat. For anti-aging purposes, nothing is worse than excess amounts of salt, sugar or fat. Too much sugar in your diet causes many of the signs of aging to accelerate, plus it can shorten your life. Too much salt can wreak havoc on your heart. Too much fat leads to overweight, which is a direct cause of a long list of health issues. Processed food is another item on the list to avoid, and chances are the more processed it is, the more damage it can do to your health if consumed regularly.

Don’t worry, be happy! Yes, it’s a catchy song, but it’s also a catchy slogan for a life well-lived, even though it can be easier to say than it is to put into practice. However, worry and negativity and stress can have a huge impact on your health and your outlook on life. Try to make stress relief and positive thinking a habit now, through mind exercises, physical exercise, meditation, or spiritual connection, and you will see the benefits far outweigh the habit of sweating the small (and sometimes big) things.

Pay attention to your habits. Do you only smoke “a little?” Only put on sunscreen at the beach? Or maybe you forgo sleep in order to get things accomplished or put off exercise until tomorrow. These little habits may seem harmless now, but over time they can have an effect on your health, your relationships, or your mental attitude. Smoking and sun exposure directly impact your health and how you age, while lack of sleep or exercise may slowly creep up on you over time, leaving you feeling tired, burned out, or generally unwell.

The great thing about your health and well being is that you have complete control over your actions, your habits and your thoughts. While it may take some time to undo old habits or change thinking patterns, the positive effects will last…for a lifetime!

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