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Supplements have been popular with many individuals over the years. In fact, they are probably used by more people that don’t need them than those that actually do. As you can tell from that last statement, some people use supplements when they really don’t need to. We have an article on our blog on how to decide what supplements are actually necessary, so you can check that out if you don’t understand. This article will run down the benefits and drawbacks of supplementation.


Supplements can cause an overdose on nutrients. Certain vitamins when overdosed, specifically those stored in body fat, can be toxic in your body in large amounts. Another con is that they can get quite expensive for little return, in terms of results. Also, there are many supplements out there that are basically useless, since you can get everything in that supplement from your normal diet. Don’t buy the hype!


Now, to the good things. Some supplements are impossible to match with good nutrition and exercise. Our homeopathic HGH products are a great example of that. Also, supplementing with nutrients that you just can’t fit into your diet can lead to a higher overall health. You can lower the risk for diseases with supplements as well. Take calcium for example, which when supplemented, can lower the risk of osteoporosis.

Supplements have their name for a reason. They are there to SUPPLEMENT your already healthy diet and exercise routine. They are not meant to replace healthy eating and healthy living habits. Some are great, and some are bad, so watch out for the bad while you invest in the good!

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