Ryan Braun Tests Positive For Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Major League Baseball recently approved the testing of its players for Human Growth Hormone during the off season. Already, there has been a player that has been tested and has came back as positive for performance enhancing drugs. This player is the National League Most Valuable Player, Ryan Braun.

However, the test did not happen after the new testing agreement was put into place. In fact, the test was during the playoffs of this last season and Braun’s results came back positive in October. Around a month later, Braun was named the NL MVP. The test shows that Braun has testosterone levels beyond the level considered normal and the conclusion is that he was getting the testosterone from an exogenous source.

However, even with the positive test results, Braun is not under penalty yet. Instead, he is fighting the real HGH test results to try and prove that he did not take an PED’s. In fact, a source close to him said that he immediately requested a second drug test after receiving the test results from the first test to prove that he didn’t take any PED’s. The results of the second test supposedly came back negative. To be able to succeed with the appeal, Braun has to prove that he was not knowingly or unknowingly taking any performance enhancing drugs that are banned by the MLB. That means even if Braun was using a dietary supplement with a banned substance that wasn’t on the label, his appeal will still not work.

Braun has been one of the few star players that haven’t been accused of performance enhancing drugs and has even been admired for his actions as a model citizen in the MLB and in his community. He was even interviewed after the Alex Rodriguez steroid scandal came into the public. He even said back then that he has never been tempted to use any performance enhancing drugs.

If his appeal is not successful, he will be facing a 50 game suspension at the beginning of the next season. However, the Baseball Writers Association of America has came out and said that he will not lose his title of NL MVP if the appeal doesn’t succeed.

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