Secrets to Deer Antler Spray

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Deer antler spray is a hot topic lately thanks to several media stories linking high profile athletes to this supplement. The sudden popularity of deer antler spray may leave you wondering what exactly it is, how it works and whether it could be useful to you. Here are some lesser known facts about deer antler spray that could help you determine the benefits you could be receiving for your own health and well being.

First of all, it’s helpful for anyone who is new to deer antler spray to understand exactly what it is. It is created using the velvety tissue covering the antlers of male deer, and once collected is ground into a powder to be made into pills or a spray. The purpose in doing this is to provide your body with insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), a growth hormone that helps in the healing and strengthening of muscles and bones, plus other beneficial effects. The IGF-1 in deer antler spray has been shown to help athletes heal faster from sports related injuries, help people enhance their performance while doing physical activities, and help turn back the hands on time as an anti-aging supplement.

Secret #1: There’s more to deer antler spray than just IGF-1. The deer antler is also a good source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and is anti-inflammatory, making it a great way to protect your body from the effects of aging. The velvet contains growth factors, amino acids and IGF-1, which are highly concentrated. The IGF-1 works to stimulate muscle tissue growth like a growth hormone, and can help improve the size, output and strength of the muscles.

Secret #2: Although some sports have banned the use of deer antler spray for their professional athletes, there is nothing harmful or illegal in the product. In fact, legitimate deer antler spray is all natural.

Secret #3: Deer antler spray is completely humane. The velvet is harvested from the male deer, mostly New Zealand Red Deer, using removal methods that are not painful to the animals. Harvesting antler velvet also helps preserve the herds.

Secret #4: The spray form is a very effective way to get immediate benefits from deer antler because the formula can get into the bloodstream faster. This helps the product’s absorption and promotes muscle recovery and tissue growth, recovery from muscle injuries and improved cardiac performance during physical activity.

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