Setting Your Diet Goals

 In Nutrition

In a continuation of helping you get ready for your New Year’s resolution to live healthier and be more fit, we’ve created this post on how you can plan your diet goals to assure that you can follow through with the resolution and become a healthier you! The tips are much like that in our previous post Setting Your Fitness Goals. If you are having trouble keeping track of the posts you will need to read before the new year, don’t worry because we will have a post just to direct you where you need to be!

Once again, you have to write down your initial goals. These can be a little farfetched but don’t make them so farfetched that they are impossible! Maybe you want to ditch processed foods and only eat fresh foods. Maybe you want to diet until you reach a certain body fat percentage, which will take exercise work as well!

Now that you have your initial goals, decide on how much you can dedicate to your diet. If your job is hectic and you rarely get breaks, eating healthy meals is going to be harder than if you work at home. If you simply can’t afford to eat as healthy as you would like, you have to take that into consideration as well. Think of everything in your life that may possibly hold you back from reaching your initial goals, whether it be your daily schedule or just a hindrance that can’t be overcome.

So, you have your goals and your dedication level to meet those goals. Using those two things, you have to revise your goals to make sure they are reachable, given your dedication level. That way, you don’t fail to meet your goals at the end of January and end up giving up on your resolution. So many people do that, so please don’t be one of them!

Now that you have your final goals, go find a diet that matches them. If you want to gain a lot of muscle, you are going to want a caloric excess diet and vice verse for trying to lose weight. Keep coming back for more posts to help you succeed with your upcoming New Year’s resolution!

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