Should You Exercise Exercise Balls

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Exercise balls are very popular for many people that go to the gym and workout. You can even use them in your home gym. But, are they really worth it? This post will look at the pros and cons of the exercise ball.



The exercise ball is very versatile for many different reasons. You can use the exercise ball for almost any kind of training, other than continuous cardio.


Lets face it, the exercise ball can be fun compared to the normal barbell and the treadmill. Having fun in the gym means a lot for your success.


If you are building your own home gym, an exercise ball is definitely one of the cheapest pieces that you will be buying.


Building up your overall balance and stability is a great thing, especially for your core muscles. Using an exercise ball regularly is great for this!



You can’t just start using an exercise ball and do everything right. You have to learn how to use it right.


The exercise ball is not something that is stable by itself. If you make one wrong move on it, you can pull muscles, fall and hurt yourself, or injury yourself in some other way.

Too Much Focus On The Ball

Some people think about the ball and their balance more than the exercise that they are performing, which obviously hinders your overall progress.

So, there are 4 main pros and 3 main cons for using the exercise ball. If you need cheap exercise equipment that is versatile and you already have decent core strength, which will allow you to focus less on the ball and lower the risk for injury, I recommend using the exercise ball at least once in a while. If you are new to fitness and don’t have much strength, you are probably better off sticking to the normal weight machines. Also, if you are looking to build a lot of muscle or burn off a lot of fat, the exercise ball really isn’t for you in most cases.

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