Should You Get A Check Up?

 In General Health

Lets face it, we all get a little cocky about certain things. One thing that many people tend to get cocky about is their personal health. No, I’m not talking about people that suffer from health issues. I’m talking about the percentage of us that walk around every day, look very fit, eat right, and don’t get sick but once in a blue moon! Even though they may look like the pinnacle of health, should they put off a normal health check up? NO!

With the availability of health information on the internet, many of us have acted like our own doctors at some point or another. We just type in symptoms into Google or another search engine and we know what is wrong with us. However, what if the symptoms aren’t there yet or aren’t noticeable? What if you feel like something is normal but, in fact, it has been a sign of an underlying health issue for years? The internet isn’t going to give you the kind of check up that you regularly need to find out what you may be at risk for or have been fighting off for quite some time! That is where your doctor comes in.

If you have a family doctor, it is as easy as going in there and scheduling an appointment every 6 months or so for a routine check up. If you don’t have a doctor, this is the perfect time to get one! Try to stick with one doctor because you will get comfortable with them and vice versa, leading to more open discussion about any current or future health issues. 6 months is just a general guideline. If you have a tendency to have health issues more often than the average person, you may want to go every 3 months. If you are the type of person that I mentioned in the first paragraph, you should still go once a year.

We mostly think that exercising and eating right can solve all of our health problems. While that may be true for many things, some issues just can be solving with a workout program and a diet. That is why a routine check up with your doctor is completely necessary. Lets face it, your doctor probably did a decade more of schooling that you, so your search phrases on Google just aren’t up to par with a doctor’s diagnosis!

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