SMART Fitness Goals

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Setting smart goals for your fitness plan is a very good thing to so. However, setting SMART goals is even better. Yes, there is a difference between smart and SMART, other than capitalization. In fact, SMART is an acronym that you can use to set your fitness goals the way they should be set.

S – Specific/Significant

I want to lower my body fat percentage – this is not a SMART goal. I want to lower my body fat percentage by 10% within 5 months – now, there is a specific and significant goal. You want your goals to be as specific as possible and as significant as possible as well. By significant, I don’t mean drastic goals that can never be met. I just mean that the goals are a significant change for your overall body.

M – Measurable/Motivational

If your goal isn’t measurable, it isn’t a proper goal. It has to be measurable with a scale, measuring tape, body fat calculator, or something else related to fitness. Unfortunately, the mirror isn’t measurable in this situation! Also, your goals should be motivating, i.e. losing 50 lbs can change your life as you know it! However, gaining 5 lbs of muscle may not be very motivating because the change won’t be very noticeable.

A – Attainable

If you set a goal to lose 200 lbs in 6 months, you are in for failure. That is why your goal has to be attainable. That’s all that needs to be said for the middle letter…

R – Realistic/Relevant

Realistic goals basically go along with attainable. Relevant goals are something that is going to directly relate to your work in the gym. Being able to run 10 miles is relevant while something like eating less candy is not relevant to fitness. That can be a health goal of yours, but it isn’t directly related to fitness. Most goals revolve around weight, strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility. Also, your goals must be relevant to the way you are going to exercise. If you are going to spend a lot of time on the treadmill, strength goals are probably not your best choice.

T – Time Bound

You have to have a time frame to complete your goal in. Everybody could meet their goals given unlimited time. However, completing your goal in a certain amount of weeks, months, or even years, is something that you can really strive for. Most goals revolve around summer time, since that is when the bathing suits come out at the less-than-fit individuals wish that they limited their goals to before summer time.

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