Stay Fit On Vacation (Or Take a Fitness Vacation!)

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It’s summer and many people’s thoughts turn to the beach, the sun, and relaxing with family and friends. If you’re getting away during the summer months for a vacation, you don’t have to put your fitness goals on hold . . . going on a vacation can be a great time to enjoy some new great workouts. The options are unlimited, from getting out and hiking, biking and exploring new terrain, to planning your entire getaway based around wellness and health at a spa or health resort, where you can come back from your time away fit and fully recharged.

  •  If your vacation plans include a stay at a hotel, you can often benefit from the hotel’s fitness center. Depending on what type of hotel you’re staying in, you may find a small workout room with a treadmill, elliptical, or other machines or the hotel may have a whole fitness facility with classes, fitness machines, or even an option for private workouts in your own room using equipment from the hotel.
  • Exploring a new city or location on your vacation can also give you some great workouts. Check out all the sites on foot, or explore the wilderness from a kayak, allowing you to see new locations and get a great physical workout at the same time. Even family vacations can allow for some extra physical activity while swimming in the pool or at the beach, or walking through a theme park for a day.
  • Plan some physical activity right into your vacation by trying a new activity or extreme sport. Depending on your vacation, you can try hang gliding, scuba diving, zip lining, surfing, or other similar activities. There are plenty of activities in the city or location you are visiting ranging from mild to majorly adventurous.
  • Take a fitness vacation! There are many luxury resorts and retreats that exist solely to help guests along their path to better health and wellness. There are relaxing, spiritual retreats that focus on healthy eating and restorative physical activity, to extreme getaways like a fitness boot camp where your muscles and your will are put to the test.

Taking a break from the stress and busy-ness of everyday life doesn’t mean you have to put your health on hold. Depending on your preferences you can fit in more physical activity on your family vacation, or plan a whole vacation around fitness. No matter which option you choose, you’ll return from your trip feeling better than you did when you left.

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