Stress Less During the Holidays With This One Simple Trick

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We all know stress can do a number on your health. From sleepless nights to rising blood pressure to new worry lines, stress can cause us to feel and look less than our best. The holiday season, which most of us hope to be a time of festive fun, can bring more stress than any other time of the year as we deal with families, workload, travel, financial issues and exhaustion. While there is no magic cure for the increased pressure during the holidays, there may be a simple way to manage and even reduce stress during this busy season and throughout the rest of the year.

The good news is that the best stress buster is something you are probably already doing, or were doing before all the business of shopping, baking and hosting arrived. Your weapon against becoming overloaded this year? Exercise! Not only is exercise beneficial for how it makes you look, it also has a significant, scientific impact on how you feel.

Keeping up your exercise routine when things get busy may be difficult, but it can be the best thing you do for yourself. Aside from the physical benefits of exercise, including muscle toning, strength building and weight loss, there are also several important chemical processes that happen when you exercise. As your stress level rises, you may become jittery or excitable, and exercising may be just what you need to burn off adrenaline. Rather than getting you all worked up, exercise can actually help calm you down.

As you exercise, your body begins to release dopamine, which in turn can help boost your mood. Many people notice that no matter how bad a day they were having, they always start to feel better after exercising. That’s because the dopamine that is associated with exercise can improve your mood better than an antidepressant medication!

No matter what your exercise routine, make sure you plan time during this busy holiday season to stick with it. No matter what stresses may occur in your daily life, your preferred exercise routine can bring you calmness, focus and a sense of peace that can bring back the joy of the season, and turn your mood from poor to positive in no time.

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