Superfoods for a Super HGH Boost

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It’s no longer a question of “if” certain foods can, when combined with optimal levels of Human Growth Hormone in the body, be used to boost your overall health and the effectiveness of HGH. All it takes is knowing that your body is healthiest when it maintains a healthy weight, gets plenty of rest and exercise, and is fueled with healthy, nourishing foods . . . in combination with all of the health-boosting benefits of having the right amount of human growth hormone for proper growth and maintenance. In fact, since we know that it is effective at promoting healthy fat loss and building lean muscle, there are actually some “super” foods that can support human growth hormone, helping it become more effective. And the best part is, these are foods you’ll love to add to your diet!

For a Super HGH Boost

Human Growth Hormone helps your body burn fat more efficiently by blocking the storage of glucose, sending your body looking for fat to burn instead. You can help this process by consuming foods that provide healthy fats. Yes, that’s right, eating fat actually helps you lose fat, because your body will know it has fat coming in and won’t be forced to store it. Which healthy fats should you eat? Oils such as extra virgin olive oil and fish oil are important for good health, as is a handful of mixed nuts for a snack. Another source of healthy fat is wild salmon (Just make sure you’re not choosing farm raised, because they don’t provide beneficial omega 3’s). This will help to attain a super HGH boost.

Another important effect of having the right amount of human growth hormone is the increase in lean muscle mass. To add to this, carbohydrates help fuel your workouts so you can effectively build your muscles, but it’s important to choose your carbs wisely. Whole grains such as oats and quinoa provide your body with lots of fiber, but don’t blast you with processed ingredients or sugar like refined carbs, making them the perfect grains to use to fuel your workout and thus creating a super HGH boost.

Protein is extremely important both for effective muscle building and maintenance when you exercise, and for helping increase lean muscle mass. Eating a variety of protein rich foods, like eggs, flax seed, and lean meats like turkey and red meat will be a powerful healthy muscle cocktail.

In addition to foods that directly contribute to your body’s ability to produce and use Human growth Hormone, there are other super foods that are important for overall good health. Berries, brightly colored vegetables, and citrus fruits provide nutrients and antioxidants that can boost body functions, ward off disease, and help your skin. Yogurt helps aid digestion. And healthy drinks such as water and green tea provide healthy hydration, and with the tea, a blast of antioxidants that juice, energy drinks, or soda will never be able to provide.

Pack a powerful defense against aging and disease by combining a super HGH boost with the super foods that are necessary for good health. Your body and your taste buds will thank you!

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