Surprising Superfoods to Enjoy This Summer

 In Nutrition

If you thought super foods had to be exotic or hard to locate, think again. You can get some amazing health benefits from these “super” foods that are easily available, delicious, and easy to prepare and eat!

Cocoa! Almost everyone loves chocolate, but lately it seems if you don’t love dark chocolate, then you don’t get any benefits. Turns out, this isn’t entirely true. Cocoa powder, that baking staple, actually contains more antioxidants than many popular well-known super foods, including acai and blueberries. Cocoa that has undergone the least amount of processing is your best bet to help prevent stroke, heart disease and even diabetes.

Popcorn! Polyphenol may sound hard to swallow, but it’s actually an antioxidant that helps your body fight off cancer-causing free radicals. Popcorn and fresh sweet corn both contain an abundance of this antioxidant, and you can enjoy a delicious ear of corn or a bowl of popped corn as a low fat, fiber-rich treat! Corn’s super powers include helping you fight the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and even Alzheimer’s.

Chocolate Milk (and Chocolate Ice Cream!)
After a great workout session, it’s important to replace lost fluids. Betcha didn’t know that drinking a glass of chocolate milk is one of the best ways to do this! Not only is it a cool and refreshing treat after a hot summer workout, but the properties of chocolate milk help you build lean muscle and get rid of unwanted fat, according to several studies. That’s something no sports drink can claim! As for that chocolate ice cream, it’s got plenty of calcium and vitamins, making it healthier a lot of other options out there!

Beer! (Yes, beer.) Don’t feel guilty about grabbing a nice, frosty beer at your backyard barbeque. Having a cold one is actually encouraged thanks to the high amounts of silicon, a substance that is know to promote healthy bones. Pale ale has the most silicon and can do your bones the most good.

Zucchini! It’s not just for delicious bread anymore. In fact, in the summertime, zucchini becomes a superstar, showing up on grilled shish-kabobs, in cool salads, and even in baked goods. And for good reason: zucchini can be easily grown in backyard gardens and helps deliver a ton of fiber, vitamin C and magnesium. You’ll benefit because zucchini can fight inflammation, help with cholesterol, and protect your heart.

Get out and enjoy all the great tastes of summer, and know that while you’re at it, you are also helping give your body healthy nutrients, fight off disease, a super hgh boost, and prevent future health issue. After all, they’re not called “super” foods for nothing!

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