Suspensions Loom in Major League Baseball Doping Scandal

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Media outlets are reporting that a big suspension is likely to take place today in the MLB doping investigation that has already taken down the Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun. Anyone who follows baseball knows that A-Rod, the New York Yankees American League three-time MVP, is in the spotlight due to the investigation by MLB into players who used the services of Biogenesis of America, a Florida-based anti-aging clinic that closed its doors in December of 2012. Players on the clinic’s client list were suspected of receiving performance-enhancing drugs, including HGH, which are banned by the sport of baseball. Today, Monday August 5, 2013, is the day when many expect to get some concrete answers to the questions that have been swirling around this scandal, namely:

How does Biogenesis of America fit into this scandal? The Biogenesis of America clinic was described as a weight loss, anti-aging, and hormone replacement clinic, founded by Anthony Bosch, with a staff that included his father Pedro, a doctor, and his brother, an attorney. The Coral Gables, FL, clinic was found to have a client list of at least 20 major league baseball players after an ex-employee gave client names to a Miami newspaper, and is suspected of being nothing more than a front for providing performance enhancing drugs to athletes. In less than a year after opening, the clinic had several employees quit, and it closed down in December of 2012.

Who will be suspended? This is the big question that will hopefully be answered by an announcement Monday afternoon. Four players associated with Biogenesis have already received suspensions: Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, Yasmani Grandal, and Ryan Braun. Their suspensions are being served or are already complete. More suspensions are said to be coming.

What’s the deal with the “mystery” suspensions? The list of players who are involved in the scandal has been talked about quite a bit, but it may not be a complete list. In addition to the verdict that’s in store for the Yankee’s Alex Rodriguez, there’s been some speculation that there are several names that have not yet been publicly announced.

What’s going to happen to A-Rod? Alex Rodriguez is by all accounts a star baseball player. He’s been a giant both on the playing field and in the celebrity gossip pages. However, in the wake of his involvement with Biogenesis, that could all come crashing down. The announcement about his suspension is expected to keep him from playing until well into 2014. However, A-Rod’s camp has said they will appeal the suspension, and he is allowed to play until his appeal is heard.

What does this mean for baseball going forward? There are many questions to be answered, and many hope that today’s announcement will help clear up most of the mysteries surrounding the doping scandal and investigation. The biggest question, however, is one that may never have an answer. Why would some of the biggest names in the sport risk their careers and reputations over taking substances that they knew full well were banned by the sport they were paid to play? It remains to be seen if their decision to dope will be worth the price they’ll pay.

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