Take C, Live Longer?

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Here’s some new information that can help you on your path to a longer, healthier life: Vitamin C, that old standby, may be more powerful and beneficial than we once thought. Many years ago, vitamin C was hailed as an almost miraculous fix for many conditions, but once the hype subsided, many began to believe that C was nothing more than another “snake oil cure.” However, lately researchers have been able to show evidence of Vitamin C’s amazing benefits, benefits that go way beyond shortening the common cold . . . it may actually lengthen your life!

We’ve heard so much through the years about getting plenty of Vitamin C, and many people even swear by taking a higher dose when they get sick to shorten the severity and duration of a cold. But there’s much more to this powerhouse vitamin than meets the eye. Recently conducted scientific studies have shown that Vitamin C supplements are highly effective at treating more serious diseases and conditions.

• Heart attack and stroke. These two conditions, known together as Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), are the number one killer of American people. New research shows that supplementing with Vitamin C could be a natural and effective way to prevent CVD in the first place. The benefits were especially encouraging for high risk patients dealing with diabetes, heart failure, and plaque in the arteries.

• Osteoporosis. Bone health is very important as we age, and preventing weak, brittle bones while we’re young is a great way to ensure healthier bones when we’re older. One way to do this? That’s right, take Vitamin C. Researchers are finding that people who take Vitamin C supplements have higher bone density, especially in susceptible places such as the hips, cutting their risk of fractures.

• Cancer. A 2013 study showed that people who had higher levels of C in their blood had the lowest risk for cancer over the next 14 years . . . and the lowest risk for early death!

• Alzheimer’s. Instead of beginning a slow slide into mental decline, people who take Vitamin C supplements may have a 17% reduction in risk for Alzheimer’s.

You want to do all you can to look and feel your best, and enjoy your healthy life for as long as possible. Maybe you’ve already added a proper diet, engage in regular exercise and supplement with Human Growth Hormone to keep yourself in tip-top shape now. With one simple move – adding a Vitamin C supplement – you may be able to extend your health and your life!

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