The 5 Biggest Myths About HGH

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There’s plenty of misinformation out there about every remedy, health product, medication, or other substance used by people to improve their health. Rumors, heresay, and just plain wrong information aboud about many products, especially those for sale on the internet, or those used to lose weight or increase fitness. Human growth hormone is no different, and some people might be hesitant to try it based on the wealth of bad information out there. Here to help are five of the biggest HGH myths, along with the true story.

1. HGH is FDA Approved. The answer to this is yes . . . and no. While the HGH prescribed by doctors for children who have growth issues is FDA approved, HGH used as a performance enhancer is not. Choose your source of HGH carefully and do your research so you can be sure the product is safe and effective. Many brands of HGH have very little beneficial ingredients and instead are packed with fillers.

2. HGH Improves Strength. HGH has been shown to increase muscle mass and definition, but there’s as yet no evidence that it can actually make muscles stronger. However, by helping you get leaner muscle mass, and improving the look of your muscles, it can certainly spur you to keep working out to maintain that definition and further strengthen those muscles, so in a way, this could also be true.

3. HGH is Illegal. Just because HGH is banned in most professional sports, that doesn’t mean its an illegal drug. In fact, our bodies naturally produce it. 100% natural HGH supplements are legal to purchase and use.

4. HGH Will Extend Your Life. Just by taking an HGH supplement alone with not give you an extra lease on life. If you engage in risky behavior, have a disease, or make poor lifestyle choices, all the HGH in the world may not be able to save you. However, taking an HGH supplement while living an active, healthy life may in fact give you more healthy years to enjoy.

5. HGH Can Help You Grow Hair. Although some studies have shown that supplementing with HGH can help some people achieve a more than 30% growth of hair, the truth is, that isn’t relegated only to your head! Hair growth can occur in places like the chest, so if you’re hoping HGH can help you with thinning hair or that bald spot, you may be disappointed.

Once you research the truth behind all those HGH myths, it’s easier to make an informed decision for your health. Even though there’s no miracle cure for any condition, or magic weight loss or fitness supplement, there is solid proof that HGH offers a range of benefits for your health, from your skin, to your muscles, to bones and even energy.

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