The Biggest Myth About Homeopathic HGH Spray

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As you know by now, there are plenty of myths out there about Human Growth Hormone spray, and about HGH in general. The biggest myth out there about homeopathic HGH spray may in fact be the one that says this product doesn’t work. Perhaps it comes from a person who used a spray (likely incorrectly) and now wants to get the word out, or it could be from a doctor who doesn’t think this product is effective compared to traditional medicine or therapies. However, this HGH misconception is mostly based on opinion and hearsay, not actual research and evidence from real, satisfied users of homeopathic HGH spray. Why does the myth continue to be perpetuated? Let’s take a look at the three most common reasons.

1. People don’t understand how homeopathic remedies work. Homeopathic remedies have been used effectively for hundreds of years, but many people view these treatments as ineffective because they don’t understand them. Homeopathic recipes use a special dilution that is designed to initiate a response in the body.

2. People think that in order for a spray to be effective, it has to contain huge amounts of HGH. In our culture, “more” is often seen as “better.” However, with HGH, and especially with a homeopathic HGH spray, more is actually less effective. Overloading the body with too much HGH all at once is completely ineffective and could cause the pituitary gland to release less natural HGH, which is actually the opposite of what HGH users want to have happen.

3. People don’t understand the importance of the pituitary gland. Using a homeopathic HGH spray is actually a highly effective way to increase your body’s levels of IGF-1 and also help the pituitary gland do it’s job correctly. When the pituitary gland is effectively releasing the right levels of natural HGH into the body, to heal and optomize the body. Huge amounts of HGH in a spray are not only illegal, but could potentially damage this necessary pituitary function.

As you can see, the biggest myth about HGH sprays – that they don’t work effectively – is just that: a myth. Whenever you see a news media piece or a testimony from someone who is trying to show that this method of delivering HGH, or simply the use of HGH in general, is ineffective or a waste of money, you can now see that it’s likely the person doesn’t understand what HGH is, how it works, and what a homeopathic remedy is designed to do. You don’t have to try to educate these non-believers . . . all you have to do is use your healthy skin, toned muscles, and youthful looks as physical proof to the world that Human Growth Hormone sprays work, and sit back and wait for people to ask, “What’s your secret?”


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