The Decline Of Health

 In General Health

While there has been amazing advances in the world of health, such as cures for diseases and better treatments for the diseases that still don’t have cures, the decline in overall health in the United States is pretty easy to see. All of these new medical and scientific advances that have sprung up have still not moved our average expectancy rate from 79 years, which is what is has been at for a while now. That means that even with better health treatment, people are combating that with their own bad health practices.

So what are the causes for this decline in health? One thing is definitely the obesity rate in the United States. We are one of the most obese countries in the world and that is definitely affecting our overall health rates. It has been proven that being obese causes many health problems. Also, another big problem is heart conditions, which is a leading cause of death in this country. Obesity and heart problems are easy to blame on the amount of bad food that we have in this country. You can go into any town and not find a fast food place within 1 or 2 miles. However, nobody is forcing us to eat unhealthy. The fault for these problems is on every individual.

Another problem is the rising rate of health insurance in the past few decades. It is true that there has been many medical advances. However, if people don’t have insurance, they are not going to be able to use those treatments very often, which obviously hurts our overall health rate. The best way to combat this as an individual is live a healthy life so the only health problems you will ever encounter are the ones that are not your fault. Eat healthy, exercise, and focus on your general health!

So, our health seems to be declining in the United States. However, if we all start to live healthier, like we should be doing already, we can turn this situation around. Take the plunge into a healthy lifestyle and bring your friends and family with you. Get active in the community and start health groups if you can. We can change the statistics in this country and we can be much healthier!

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