The First Cycle Of HGH Testing In The MLB

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A couple of months ago, the MLB and the players agreed to the new collective bargaining agreement without much fuss at all, which can’t be said about the NFL or the NBA. The NFL did come to terms to avoid a lockout, but the HGH testing clause has still yet to be implemented. Also, the NBA couldn’t agree to terms and we ended up with a shortened basketball season because of it. So, did the MLB deal go down smoothly because the players don’t mind the idea of HGH testing. Well, the first cycle of HGH testing has been completed and some players may be changing their minds…

The deal for the testing was to implement the testing during the off season and hopefully start testing during the season at some point as well. While the players made no fuss about it at the time, their opinions have probably changed. One player, Miguel Olivo of the Mariners, said that testing during the season is definitely not an option. He said that he almost passed out with the amount of blood they took from him and that night he even threw up after eating. Another player, Trevor Bell of the Angels, said that he didn’t feel right for 12 hours after giving blood and that there has to be another way to do the testing. The players also said that if testing were to happen in the season, they would have to be tested after games because they couldn’t play as well with the test just hours before the game.

What effect with this have on the future of HGH testing in baseball? Will there ever be testing during the season or will they stick to the off season and allow the players to have a loop hole during the season? Will this affect the HGH testing that is supposed to start in the NFL this upcoming season? What about the NBA, which actually agreed to HGH testing sometime in the near future with their collective bargaining agreement? Only time will tell what HGH testing will do to professional sports…

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