The Importance Of Fitness Tracking

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So, you have made a plan to workout 3 times a week with weights and 3 more days a week doing nothing but cardio. How are you going to keep track of your progress? Do you think you are just going to remember every single thing you do in the gym? You probably won’t do that and that can hinder your fitness goals. That is why tracking your fitness is so important.

Every time you go to the gym and workout, log it in your fitness journal. When doing weights, keep track of sets and reps completed as well as the weight you used. If you meet your goals in that are, the next time you do that workout you can add on some weight. It is hard to know if you are ready for more weight if you don’t keep track of your workouts. If you are doing cardio, log how long you did it for. That way, you can add a small time increase every time you are doing cardio, benefiting your long term fitness goals.

Don’t just keep track of what you really did though. Keep track of how you felt during the workout. We have all had workouts where we feel awful and our results show that. We don’t want to lower the weight for the next workout if we are feeling better just because we were off our game for the last workout. Keeping track of how you are feeling during your workouts also lets you know if you are lacking motivation and are getting bored. If that is the case, you can switch up your workout routine and do something new.

So, if you think it a fitness journal isn’t important, think again. It can be the most important thing in making sure that you complete your fitness goals in the time frame that you wanted. Being organized is always good!

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