The Many Benefits of Deer Antler

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When deer are growing antlers, a fine velvet coating covers the bone and cartilage during the process. It’s this material that is harvested in a humane way to create deer antler spray, a natural and effective substance that can be used to treat or encourage a wide range of bodily functions and issues. You may have heard about deer antler’s effectiveness when used by athletes to enhance performance, or about its amazing anti-aging properties, but there are many other important benefits of deer antler that you’ve not heard of!

Immune system benefits.
While many athletes rely on deer antler velvet for its ability to help them recover from injuries in less time, many people may not be aware of deer antler’s immune system benefits. If you take it right before the onset of cold and flu season, it can help you avoid getting sick. Also, it has immune system boosting properties, and can lessen the stress that can lead to illness or injury.

Improvement of childhood conditions and disabilities. Children who have issues with proper growth and development may benefit from taking deer antler. It’s also been shown to improve the condition of children who have learning disabilities or mental retardation.

Treatment of chronic or painful conditions.
Are you one of the many people who are dealing with medical or health issues on a daily basis? Deer antler may help improve your sore muscles and back, your high blood pressure or cholesterol, your headaches or migraines, and conditions like asthma, liver or kidney disease and osteoporosis.

Youth tonic.
Staving off the decline of your mind and body is increasingly important as you age, and deer antler can help. Prevent common “aging” signs such as worsening eyesight and hearing, arthritis, mental decline, and decline of bone and muscle strength with a regimen of deer antler velvet.

Supplementing your healthy lifestyle with deer antler is easy and effective. The substances found in deer antler velvet can help your cells grow and function at their optimal peak, leaving you to feel, look and act with vigor and youth, no matter what your age.

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