The NFL Inching Closer To HGH Testing

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Now that the regular season is over and all the teams but two have finished play, the NFL and NFLPA are making more progress on the matter of HGH testing for its players. If you can recall, the deal to start HGH testing in the NFL spans all the way back to last summer. The testing was supposed to start at the beginning of this season, but going into the super bowl, the testing has yet to be initiated.

This is because of the so-called stalling from the NFLPA. They have countered many attempts by league officials to start testing by finding reasons why it would not be good for the NFL’s players. The main reason for the stalling has become the natural amount of HGH found in NFL athletes compared to other athletes. The NFLPA believes that the NFL players might have an overall higher average of HGH in their bodies simply because they are at the top of the athlete food chain. For that reason, the NFLPA wants a league-wide blood sample test to be taken before the testing starts to find out the normal HGH range in the NFL.

Now that the season is coming to a close, both sides are reportedly making more progress than that have before. AT the beginning of the negotiations, it was said that players would be randomly tested and some tests would be given on game day. Now, it looks like game day testing is not an option, according to the NFLPA, but testing the day before and the day after the games is highly likely.

While there has been progress made, nobody expects the NFL officials to announce the start of the HGH testing before the super bowl. However, it does look like the testing may be able to start during this off-season, which is a little sooner than Roger Goodell stated a few weeks ago. What will HGH testing do to the NFL, if anything? Let us know your opinion with a comment below!

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