The Problem With Fad Diets

 In Nutrition

Just to continue on our little saga about dieting and what you should and should not do, here is a post about fad diets. What is a fad diet? It is basically a diet that has gained immense popularity without even having much research dont to prove its benefits. Usually, they are created by people who aren’t even nutritionists as well. So, should you be engaging in a fad diet to lose weight? Read the rest of this article to find out!!!

There are some fad diets out there that are relatively good for you, like the Zone diet for instance. However, there are many others that are out there that are not healthy at all and should never be used. For instance, the Cabbage Soup diet is one that is not healthy at all. True, cabbage is good for you, but you need a lot more than what you are given to eat on that diet to survive and make sure your body functions normally. Another even worse fad diet that is floating around is the lemonade diet. It basically tells you to not eat and just drink a custom made lemonade all day. Call me crazy but last I checked, we need food to survive!

So, what diets should you avoid? It’s actually really easy. If the diet you are looking at doesn’t have a good protein/carbohydrate/fat ratio that is considered healthy, stay away from it. If it has you eating 1500 less calories than you are supposed to eat, stay away. Obviously you will want to avoid diets that don’t allow any food at all!

Look for a diet that has a great balance. If you really want to engage in a fad diet, the Zone diet is a pretty good choice. It has had some legitimate research done for it and was produced by somebody with an education! Contrary to what you have heard, carbohydrates and/or fat don’t make you fat!! Eating in a caloric surplus makes you fat. As long as your diet is in a caloric deficient zone, you will lose weight. There is need to go all out with a fad diet and eat nothing but grapefruit for weeks. Stick to the basics and pick a diet that is healthy and will bring you results as well! Have any other outrageous fad diets that you have heard about? Post them and let us all laugh at them!!!

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