The Strange Connection Between Your Stomach and Skin Health

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The first place signs of age show up tends to be the skin, that’s why so many products and advertisements talk about “erasing fine lines and wrinkles,” or eliminating age spots, or helping tighten up sagging skin. Using a cream, gel, pill, or serum on your skin is one way to help the outward appearance of aged skin, but it doesn’t really address what’s going on behind the scenes, so to speak. We all know that supplementing with Human Growth Hormone can do wonders for skin health, since HGH can actually promote the growth of new cells that can bring about smoother, younger skin from the inside out. If you’re doing all this and are still not happy with your skin health, you may want to check your gut.

What in the world does your stomach have to do with skin health? Plenty, as it turns out. In fact, an irritated or upset stomach, especially if it is a recurring condition, can say a lot about your overall health, and can often manifest itself as irritating, uncomfortable, or sensitive skin conditions! And if you’re working toward a more youthful, more vibrant skin appearance in your quest to look and feel younger, you may be stumped as to why your skin is dry, sallow, patchy, or inflamed even though you seem to be doing everything right. The culprit is simple: eating foods that your body in particular is sensitive (not allergic) to, which results in an all-over inflammation that can show up right on your skin.

We hear a lot lately about people who are lactose or gluten intolerant. This means that when people whose bodies have trouble digesting these substances eat foods with lactose or gluten in them, they can experience a whole host of symptoms including bloating, upset stomach, cramping, and more. Over time, if people with these sensitivities keep eating the foods that irritate their system, they’ll be dealing with chronic inflammation and digestive issues that can make them feel less than their best all the time. Once inflammation takes hold, it can wreak havoc all through the body, and may show up in many different ways depending on a particular person’s body makeup. However, stomach problems commonly lead to a variety of skin issues that can be frustrating to deal with and may take years to diagnose and treat.

There are many things that can cause digestive issues, among them stress, certain medications, dietary or food issues, and sleep problems. Getting these problems checked out and remedied can do wonders for your health, since it’s estimated that almost 80% of our immunity comes from having a healthy stomach! Also, taking care of the underlying stomach issues can help reduce the inflammation in your body, leading to a healthier digestive system, healthier organs, and can lead to healthier skin. Naturally beautiful, younger looking skin is a reflection of your overall health, and if you’re experiencing skin issues that are keeping you from reaching this goal, a place to start that you may not have though of until now is your stomach!

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