The Trend Towards Bodyweight Workouts

 In Fitness

Joining a gym can be intimidating. It can be a struggle to find the time to make the trip, pay for membership, learn how to use complex equipment, or to overcome feelings of self-consciousness. When taking these things into consideration, it’s clear that going to the gym isn’t for everyone.

Since the gym isn’t something that everyone wants to do, it’s not surprising that a new trend among health-conscious exercisers is on the rise. Bodyweight workouts are an alternative to traditional gym workouts, using exercises that build strength using the weight of your body. Many exercisers are choosing to forgo the gym for strength training and use bodyweight exercises when it’s convenient for them.

Most of the exercises used in bodyweight workouts are familiar to most, such as push-ups, planks and squats. Other exercises in this category include mountain climbers, crunches and jumping jacks. It is recommended that those who use bodyweight workouts for strength training also do a cardiovascular exercise as well, since bodyweight workouts do not replace cardio workouts which are necessary for heart health.

Some suggest that bodyweight workouts might even be more effective than traditional strength training, since it allows your body to move at more natural angles, making bodyweight exercises easier on joints and bones. Strength training with free weights or other machines run the risk of injury or stress to your body.

One of the major benefits of bodyweight workouts is versatility. Since many bodyweight exercises can be done without any equipment, this opens up a lot of possibilities for when and where you can fit strength training into your life. They can be done on a lunch break, at night in the comfort of your home, or any other time or place that suits you, since you aren’t constricted by travel time and gym hours.

If you want to take bodyweight training to the next level, pull ups and gymnastics require a type of equipment but still use only your bodyweight as the resistance. Once you’ve mastered push-ups with ease, and if you want to elevate your strength training to the next level, work on the one arm pushup. While there are certain limits to bodyweight training compared to nearly unlimited weight that you can train with in traditional strength training, unless you plan on becoming a serious body builder, bodyweight training is a more than adequate substitute for free weights and gym equipment.

In fact, in some ways, bodyweight workouts can do things that traditional strength training can’t. For instance, when you are using bodyweight exercises to increase your muscle strength, you can do much faster intervals than with free weights or equipment. It takes mere seconds to go from working your arms in a push-up to strengthening your abs in a crunch.

It’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to bodyweight workouts to strengthen their muscles. It’s convenient, requires little to no equipment and isn’t limited to one location, like the gym. Bodyweight workouts are easier on your body, and improve your strength in ways that traditional weight training can’t. It’s very likely that more and more health-conscious individuals will turn to bodyweight workouts instead of the gym.

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