There’s An App For That?

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If you have a smart phone, you know that you can find an app for just about anything. Need to locate a restaurant to serves vegan food? There’s an app for that. Want to keep your kids entertained during a long wait? There’s lots of apps for that! You get the idea. In today’s technologically savvy world, apps are useful for many and varied reasons. How about anti-aging? Is there an app for that? You bet there is. In fact, there are several. The big question is, will these apps help you look or feel younger?

Browse the app store for your phone and you can locate many apps that can help you on your quest to look and feel youthful. Some are free and some are by subscription. Good Housekeeping has a free iPhone and android phone app, the Anti-Aging Beauty Shopper. According to Good Housekeeping, this app was developed by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute team of editors and researchers, who “rigorously tested 90 skin-care and 73 hair-care products, recruiting 1,300-plus volunteers and conducting more than 5,000 lab tests to find 39 top performers for you.” The app allows users to browse the products and be taken directly to purchasing links.

An iPhone app called “Anti-aging app” costs $2.99 and allows users to choose from different light and sound therapies to help with Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes, Joint Discomfort & Arthritis, wrinkle reduction and hair regrowth. The app is well designed and easy to use, and testers claimed to feel a pleasant tingling or warmth after the recommended use. Does it actually make you look younger? The jury may still be out on that.

There are several apps that allow users to try virtual makeovers, and some of those are geared toward making you look younger through various makeup techniques or other procedures. ModiFace offers several such apps for android, iPhone and tablets. Other apps are designed to show you how you don’t want to look! Superdrug is a British beauty chain that has an app that shows how you will look after years of sun exposure. Upload a photo, and the app shows what your skin would look like after 5, 15, or 25 years using a “burnometer.”

You may also be able to find many apps that deliver tips on anti-aging to you, such as the Anti-Aging Tips App, a free android app that delivers tips on combating aging with the right foods, skin care, herbal use, and more. There are even brain game apps that are designed to develop memory skills in children or improve memory in older adults and provide your brain with the stimulation it needs to keep young.

More and more apps are hitting the market as developers create new and exciting ways to connect technology with our lives through our phones. With the apps available today, it is possible to take your anti-aging technology on the go and learn how to look younger and feel better no matter where you are.

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