Tips for Beating Those Winter Blahs

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The holidays are over, and the New Year has passed. Depending on where you live, it can seem as if all that is on the horizon is an endless parade of below-freezing temperatures and winter weather. The urge to hibernate may be strong, and may be enough to make you feel like chasing those winter blues away by curling up on the couch with a blanket or roaring fire and your favorite comfort food. In fact, the shorter days, cold nights, and lack of sun could even cause a mild depression, or worse. Don’t let the season get the best of you! Follow these simple tips to bust out of the winter blahs.

First of all, if you notice a sad or depressed feeling you can’t shake, or a lack of interest in things that usually seem appealing to you, it might be a good idea to pay a visit to your doctor. Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression are real and serious conditions that require a structured, doctor approved treatment. If all you are feeling is a mild case of winter blahs, or cabin fever, there are many ways to get back to feeling good while improving your health in the process.

Spend Some Time With Your Pillow. It’s a common idea that curling up in a warm, cozy bed should help you sleep like a baby during the winter time, but this may not be the case. You may be too busy to make it to bed until the wee hours of the morning, or wish you could sleep but can’t. Trying to catch up on sleep during the weekend may seem like a good strategy, but it could do more harm than good. A better plan would be to take a short nap during the day, or make sure you have a relaxing bedtime routine in place.

Eat For Health, Not Comfort. It could be very tempting to cook warm, hearty foods, or bake up a rich and comforting sweet treat. While this is fine in moderation, it will be easier for you come spring if you aren’t faced with losing that extra winter padding. Instead of turning to pie or macaroni and cheese, try a new vegetable or sample some in-season winter fruits. You may find a new favorite dish, and your jeans will still fit when the snow melts.

Pump Up Your Workout.
Working out is more important than ever during the winter months. It’s a perfect time to up your routine by adding distance, reps or new exercises. No matter what your workout it, it will still help your body release those much-needed feel-good chemicals that can improve your mood and give you the energy you need to power through your day. Inject some fun into your routine by embracing the season and trying skiing, skating, snowshoeing…or even revisit your childhood by sledding with your kids and getting aerobic exercise by running back up that hill!

Let the Sun Shine. The sun is further away during the winter months, and the effects are noticeable. There’s the cold temperatures and short days, but there’s also lots of overcast, sunless days and a lack of beneficial vitamin D. That vitamin D is crucial for helping you feel your best. Make sure you are getting enough by upping your intake through food or supplements. Make sure to spend some time in the sun every day when possible, and let plenty of light into your home or office to help you feel awake and energized.

Although winter can seem especially long, there’s many ways you can make the best of it. These simple suggestions can help you maintain your health and sense of well-being until those spring showers arrive..

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