Tips to Help Real Men Prevent Aging

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When it comes right down to it, we all want to live a long and healthy life. Even though it seems like most anti-aging advice and products are aimed at women, it doesn’t mean that it’s not important for men to take preventative measures now to ensure they are alive and healthy long into old age. The average life expectancy for a man in the United States today is 77.8 years, about 5 less years than women. And although this is in part due to the fact that there are more instances of men developing heart disease and cancer than women, it is becoming more apparent that lifestyles choices may have a bigger impact on quality of life and longevity than genetic makeup alone. Healthy choices specific to men, such as exercising, watching the size of that beer belly and reducing stress can ensure that you age gracefully, in a masculine way, of course! Here are some anti-aging tips that are just for the guys.

Take care of your skin: Rugged individualism is great for your personality and outlook on life, but rugged skin just makes you look older than you are. Even if you don’t like to spend a lot of time on your skin care routine, there are three important musts for every man. First, moisturize with a product formulated for a man’s skin. As you age, your skin may look drier, flaky or wrinkled and a good moisturizer can help. Second, apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses every day, especially if you work outdoors. Even if you don’t, applying a good sunscreen will prevent skin damage from UV rays that can age your skin or even lead to skin cancer. Last, invest in the good razors and shaving cream. The grizzly gray look doesn’t look good on anyone under age 45.

Prevent disease: Men are more susceptible to heart disease and certain cancers as they age. This is in part due to genetics, but is more often attributed to lifestyle choices. Eating right, getting daily exercise and making regular doctor visits are the best way to prevent debilitating diseases down the road. One concern specific to many men is stress and the effect it can have on the body. Make sure there is a balance between work and leisure life, and make managing stress a priority so it doesn’t manifest itself in heart problems, diet deviations or high blood pressure.

Quit the vices: Men who smoke, drink or eat unhealthy foods are doing themselves a disservice when it comes to a longer life. Too much alcohol damages your liver, while smoking can lead to lung cancer and heart disease. Quitting smoking is proven to add years to your life, and the overall quality of life will improve when you give up damaging habits. After all, living a long life just doesn’t sound as appealing if it is accompanied by debilitating or painful health issues.

Workouts are king! The number one way for men to improve their overall quality of life, live longer and look younger? Exercise. Resistance training prevents a decline in muscle bones and overall strength, while aerobic exercise is great for your overall look, your heart and your body’s defenses. You’ll look younger, your skin will look better, you’ll have more energy and your state of mind will improve. And being more fit than the younger guys at your gym is just a bonus.

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