Too Much Junk Food Affects Brain, HGH

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Most health advice involves some form of the phrase “cut out junk food.” The reasons for this are many. Junk food such as fast food, sugary snacks and desserts, chips, or high fat meals often contain more than recommended amounts of salt, fat, sugar, calories (or all of those) which puts a heavy load on your digestive system and often leads to conditions like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure,  and high cholesterol. Although many Americans consume a diet that is chock full of junk food, it is possible to eat a healthy balanced diet that tastes great and has health benefits by cutting out most of the items that are commonly considered junk food. Not only does this help improve your health, keep your weight stable, keep diseases at bay, and help you live a longer life, but there’s evidence that kicking junk food to the curb is better for your brain and it helps your body’s ability to produce Human Growth Hormone.

Junk food and the brain. One study using mice shows that foods high in sugar and fat actually changed the chemical makeup of the brain. Mice who were fed the diet containing lots of sugar and fat were more anxious, had a larger waist size, and their brains had higher levels of dopamine and corticosterone than mice who ate a low fat diet during the same period of time. When the mice were no longer allowed to eat the “junk food,” they actually went through withdrawal and experienced signs of depression! Another study, done last year and published in the journal Neurology showed that high levels of trans fats, which are found in a lot of fast food and packaged food, caused poor performance on brain function tests, plus the volume of the brain actually decreased.

Junk food and HGH. While eating junk food won’t affect your body’s ability to produce HGH, per se, the effects of consuming junk food frequently does have a huge effect on HGH. People who eat junk food tend to weight more than people who eat a healthy diet, and the excess fat that comes from this has the effect of suppressing the body’s release of Human Growth Hormone. Another issue that comes up when talking about junk food and HGH is that the conditions that can occur because of eating too many sugary or fat-laden foods can affect HGH production, too. Then a vicious cycle begins, where the foods cause and addiction which makes people eat more of those foods and leads to depression, overweight, decrease in exercise, and even diabetes will then result in less than optimal levels of HGH being secreted into the body.

Many people scoff at the advice “all things in moderation,” believing this to be too simple. However, if you regularly eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats, then having a little indulgence here and there isn’t going to be that big of a deal, health-wise. It’s when junk food becomes the norm rather than the exception that problems occur, your brain is altered, your weight increases, and your body’s ability to produce HGH is lessened. Giving junk food the heave ho the majority of the time will lead to better health and a better chance at a long life.

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