Top Fitness Tech Picks for 2014

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New technology is everywhere. Each time a new device or upgrade is released, it seems as though we are able to everything easier, faster, and on a smaller or more streamlined device. It’s no different in the world of fitness. Not only can you track workouts, make goals, record progress and learn new tricks, you can do it all on new devices and gadgets that are specifically designed to help you get fitter, more toned, and healthier. Here’s a guide to some of the newest fitness devices that will help you make 2014 your most fit year yet!

Fitness Bands

Several companies offer wearable fitness bands that perform various tasks for you while they sync with your computer, Smartphone or Bluetooth. The Nike FuelBand is a popular device offered by a trusted brand. The wristband serves as an activity, calorie, and sleep tracker that allows you to set goals and calculate your movement. Since it is offered as a wrist device, it seems fitting that is also serves as a watch. The FuelBand can also sync wirelessly with a Smartphone through an app, or your computer with software.

Garmin is another company that offers popular fitness band technology. The company’s Forerunner helps runners track distance and pace, plus it also can store workouts and offer analysis of your workouts and progress. The Jawbone Up is another kind of fitness band that tracks your sleep, activity, and eating. Useful features include a barcode scanner to enter foods eaten, and a way to keep track of your mood. It can sync wirelessly with an iPhone or iPad, plus it works with Android devices.

Fitness Gaming

If you (or someone you know) is a fitness enthusiast and a gamer, the Wii U might be the perfect way to combine two passions. The Your Shape Fitness Evolved game allows users to set up a personalized fitness program, and take advantage of 125 workouts and over 200 moves. An added online component further expands the capabilities of the game, allowing users to be social and compete with friends. It also takes into account healthy eating, with over 100 recipes available.

The popular Just Dance series has new installments for 2014 for both kids and adults, with new music and lots of great dance moves that are easy to learn and do. The game is available for Xbox 360, Playstation and Nintendo Wii.

Hi Tech Scales

Say goodbye to plain Jane weight maintenance. Today’s scales are not only digital, but the newest generations feature Wi Fi! Fitbit Aria’s scale will not only offer your weight, BMI and body fat percentage, it also lets you set goals, track progress and upload information for the ability to comprehensively track your information in every area from healthy eating to daily calories, all over Wi Fi. Withing’s scale has Wi Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and offers body analysis, heart rate monitoring, and even an indoor air tracker!

If you love gadgets and are excited by all technology has to offer, why not go high tech with your workouts in 2014? You’ll be able to plan, record, and edit your workouts, track your fitness progress, eating, and health progress, and keep yourself on track for a fit, toned and healthy new year!

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