WADA President Wants More HGH Testing

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Recently, the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB agreed to start HGH testing on its players sometime in the future. The MLB has already began HGH testing for its athletes and the NFL is said to be starting HGH testing before the next season starts. The world of professional sports has taken a huge leap in trying to stop players from cheating the system and using illegal performance enhancing drugs, like HGH injections. However, the president of the World Anti-Doping Agency believes that the HGH testing needs to be highly increased.

In 2010, the WADA tested over 250 thousand samples for illegal drugs, and yet only 5 thousand of those were blood tests, the only real form of accurate HGH testing. In that year, only 3 people were tested positive for HGH usage. John Fahey, the president of the WADA, said the athletes are getting away with cheating because only 2% of the drug tests are blood samples. He also believes that a better drug test program would have around 15% or more percent of the tests be blood samples.

However, the HGH testing and blood samples are a lot more expensive than the traditional urine tests. The transportation, the testing procedures, and the analysis all cost more than the normal tests. That said, HGH cannot be found in urine tests, so blood sample tests are necessary. Fahey said that a league that does the right amount of blood testing for HGH is the sport of professional cycling, which is known for a lot of abuse of HGH.

So, will professional sports leagues start modeling the world of cycling to catch its cheaters? The WADA is working on a new form of HGH testing that is supposedly much more accurate and can trace HGH usage for more than just a couple days. Only time will tell if Fahey’s words will be taken to heart in the many professional sports leagues around the world!

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