Want to Live to 100? Do This!

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People who live to the ripe old age of 100 (and beyond) tend to have some things in common, and one of them is that they can’t really pick out one reason why they’ve lived so long! The other common thing seems to be that they look at living to 100 as a blessing, not a curse. Sure, they may have eyesight or hearing issues, and may not be able to do all the things they used to do in their younger years, but they also having let “aging” hold them back. In fact, many centenarians enjoy eating their favorite foods, exercising, and spending time with favorite people as much as younger people do. While there may be some genetic component to living to 100, there are also some common tips to follow, from the mouths of people who made it to that milestone. Here is the advice on aging gracefully to 100, while looking and feeling like a younger person.

Pollyanna was onto something.
A person who has an uncharacteristically optimistic outlook is often referred to as a Pollyanna, as if this is a negative trait. However, if you want to live a long and fulfilling life, a dose of Pollyanna-ish optimism is good! Appreciating life and all the things in it is one part of this (being thankful for what you have, appreciating people, and staying positive mentally are all good habits.) Another common trait of people who live a long life is to remain positive in the face of negative events and influences. Sure, they have all gone through extremely hard times (the Depression, losing loved ones, health issues, War), but haven’t let the hard times defeat them. Instead, they used difficulties to help them appreciate how good life can be.

Food and Exercise Matter . . . A Lot!
Eating the foods you love in moderation makes for a happy life. Eating the foods you know you should eat makes for a healthy one. These two moves, combined with regular exercise, make a longer life! Yes, even people of advanced age can still exercise. There are many people in their 80’s, 90’s, and even a few over 100 who still run, swim, dance, do yoga, and a number of other activities (even lifting weights) that help them keep their bodies fit and healthy. In fact, it’s this determination to age as healthfully as possible that seems to be key, because otherwise all that’s left is to give up or give in, which is never a wise choice!

You Don’t Need to Age Alone. The people who have a good, close relationship with friends and family, no matter what the age, seem to be the happiest. From getting to see and interact with the generations who come after you, to enjoying the company of caregivers or gathering with loved ones at birthday parties, it’s all about the people who matter and enjoying the time spent with them that can encourage you to enjoy waking up every day.

No Regrets. Every life event teaches some sort of lesson or provides a memory. Embrace the mistakes, the triumphs, the hard times, and the blessings for a longer, happier life. Many older people also have a strong spiritual faith that guides them and that helps, too. No matter what, it seems to be a culmination of all the events in a life that make a person who they are. Regrets are something that people don’t need to waste time or energy thinking about, because there’s no redo in this life, only the chance to look forward to a new day!

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