Weird Anti-Aging From Around the World

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People across the world are interested in looking younger and feeling younger, and there are anti aging treatments employed by other countries that we in the United States might find…interesting. From fillers to vitamin treatments to injections, there are many treatments used worldwide to fight those universal signs of aging. Here are some popular treatments from other countries and some more natural options for you to try.

Fillers. Fillers are popular worldwide for their ability to fill in fine lines, wrinkles or the hollowing that comes with weight loss or aging. France has “Teosyal,” a Juvederm-like filler that is said to add volume and lift to the skin. Denmark offers “Aquamid,” a liquid filler that is permanent and is popular because it doesn’t cause inflammation. German women depend on “Belotero,” a very light gel filler that doesn’t make bumps under the skin. It seems that women in other countries are comfortable with getting filler treatments to give them a smoother younger appearance. However, if you are unsure if using a filler is a good choice for you, try using a skin treatment product that contains Retinol or antioxidants.

Injections. France’s “Mesotherapy” uses tiny needles to inject helpful substances such as vitamins and antioxidants right under the skin. The procedure works by causing the cells that produce collagen to work better. The treatment won’t be available until it receives FDA approval, so if you are looking for an alternative (or hate tiny needles), you might want to try products that promote collagen production, or use a more natural approach with a collagen supplement or by eating food with vitamin C.

Ultrasound. A high-frequency ultrasound treatment in Japan called “Liposonix” is a popular solution for removing unsightly lumps, such as the areas around the love handles or tummy. The treatment works by breaking down the lumps into fatty acids that are then sent to the liver and kidneys and then expelled from the body. This treatment is actually set to arrive in the United States as soon as it receives FDA approval. However, in the meantime, aside from diet and exercise targeted at your lumpy areas, a good alternative would be lipomassage or spa body wrap treatments.

Every country has their own views on aging and treatments they rely on to help them look younger and age more gracefully. While many of these treatments are not approved for use in the United States at this time, we are still able to often achieve the same results with more natural solutions that will help us look and feel our best.

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