Weird Skin Care Product Ingredients That Provide Anti-Aging Benefits

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In the quest for youthful good looks and healthy skin as we age, people will try anything, it seems, from the dubious to the downright gross – placenta powder, anyone? However, there are some anti-aging ingredients and treatments that may seem weird but actually have a scientific basis or are proven to provide a beneficial anti-aging boost to skin. Adding some of these items to your skin care regime may provide long lasting, noticeable effects on your skin.

Sugar gets a bad rap for causing problems ranging from tooth decay to obesity and diabetes. But some new research shows that sugar may have some surprising benefits when it is used as an ingredient in anti-aging products. The science behind this is called glycomics, and the premise is that sugar molecules have the ability to help skin retain texture and plumpness. Already, some big name brands such as Yves Saint Laurent are using the research into glycomics to create skin care products. Since this discovery of sugar molecules as anti-aging superheroes is all relatively new, you might want to stay tuned to see what kind of impact it will make on the anti-aging skin care industry.

Food has long been used for both its nutritious benefits for our bodies and for its additional benefits to skin and/or hair. Products containing ingredients such as honey, tea, berries and vegetables abound. Some more unusual food ingredients that can be found in products or treatments include beer and chocolate, which may make it hard to avoid eating the treatment rather than wearing it. One ingredient in some high-end facial treatments that may surprise you: caviar! That’s right, many spas offer caviar facials that use this exclusive ingredient in frozen or dried form to help combat wrinkles and help skin look more youthful.

If you’ve ever been stung by a bee, you know it is a painful experience that you most likely wouldn’t choose to relive. But some of the world’s biggest celebrities, including Duchess Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Michelle Pfeiffer are rumored to welcome an anti-aging facial that uses bee venom as its main ingredient. No, bees won’t sting your face. The venom is extracted and mixed into a gel that is applied to the face. Researchers say the venom prevents sun damage and restores collagen.

While it may give you a moment’s pause to apply some of these ingredients to your skin, the long lasting anti-aging benefits that come from products or treatments that use these weird ingredients might just change your mind!

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