What HGH Can do for You!

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Perhaps this story sounds familiar to you: A traveler in 1513 searched far and wide for a mythical spring that was said to restore the youth of any person who drinks from it or bathes in the water. The legend of this traveler, Ponce de Leon, and his travels to Florida to locate the Fountain of Youth may or may not be just a tall tale. However, in the hundreds of years since, many people the world over have searched for real or imagined Fountains of Youth in creams, food, medicine, surgery and hundreds of other methods in an attempt to remain forever young.

It’s nice to think that a story from so long ago could still have relevance in today’s world. The difference between the 16th century Fountain of Youth and today is that with the advances of science and technology, we are closer than ever to finding proven and effective ways to reverse those telltale signs of age. One of the discoveries that fueled today’s youth culture was the discovery of the ability of a hormone our body already produces naturally, Human Growth Hormone, to slow or even stop the march of time. You may wonder how HGH upholds its reputation as a modern day Fountain of Youth. Here’s a peek into the science behind the hormone.

• HGH helps maintain bone health by increasing your bones’ ability to retain calcium. This helps you have stronger bones and contributes to more bone mineralization. Diseases of “old age” such as osteoporosis and the problems that come with it, namely brittle, fragile bones, are lessened.
• HGH helps increase your body’s lean muscle mass through a process where the contracting muscle increases in diameter and density. The combination of optimal levels of HGH plus plenty of exercise ensure this maintenance of lean muscle mass, even at ages where many people think muscle strength and health decline.
• HGH contributes to the growth of your internal organs as you get older. Before age 21, the HGH in your body is being used to help your body grow. After you reach your full height, the HGH produced goes toward maintaining the health of your organs and tissues. HGH also promotes the health of your liver and pancreas, helping them to perform necessary functions.
• HGH also helps give your body’s immune system a boost. The less time you spend fending off colds and sickness, the better your body is able to work on maintaining good health.

Homeopathic growth hormone height increases can’t be known for sure because there is no way to set up a control group.

Maybe the legend of the Fountain of Youth was just that: a story told by hopeful people who wished to live forever in youthful bodies. Today, we are able to better understand the science of our bodies, and learn ways we can use that to our advantage. It may not be a magical spring, but Human Growth Hormone may hold one of the keys to anti-aging that people have been searching for.

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