What Is So Bad About Belly Fat?

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A larger stomach used to be a sign of prosperity. People who had money were able to feed their families the best food, and the reults often showed up on their waistlines as they approached middle age. Recently, however, more information is emerging about the special kind of fat that comprises what is often referred to as belly fat in weight loss ads, or visceral fat by doctors, and the news isn’t good. Most people may think fat is fat, no matter how you look at it, but in truth the kind of fat that pads your middle may be worse for your health than previously thought. Working to eliminate this extra padding may lead you to a longer, healthier life.

A quick lesson in the ins and outs of fat will show that the fat in your body is more than just stored energy. People who are overweight actually have more fat cells than people who are of normal weight, and the cells themselves are larger. This poses a problem because fat cells actually release a mix of hormones and chemicals into the body, and these extra large fat cells release a larger amount of chemicals then fat cells of a regular size. Also, this visceral fat tends to lurk deep in the stomach where it surrounds important organs.

The mix of substances released by fat cells can take a toll on your body. The proteins released by fat cells, especially those in belly fat, have been shown to cause increased blood pressure, heart attack, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. And if that’s not bad enough, thes fat cells can also have an effect on your brain as you age! A link between a bigger stomach and a decline in memory and language was discovered in older people in a 2005 study. Other probems associated with belly fat include asthma and dementia.

The best thing about this dangerous belly fat? Healthy changes in diet and aerobic exercise can effectively reduce it, and once the fat has been lost many of the dangerous health problems associated with it, like high blood pressure or cholesterol, will also disappear. Other positive health moves, such as quitting smoking, lifting weights, getting eough sleep and reducing stress have also been associated with a reduction in belly fat. The days of looking well-fed in order to show prosperity are over. Instead, show that having a fit and healthy body is a sign of a long and healthy life!

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