What You Eat Can Help You Sleep (and Boost HGH!)

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Boost HGH

For better natural human growth hormone production, it is recommended that people get a good night’s rest. This is important especially for people who are older and are not producing as much human growth hormone on their own, since one of the biggest releases of Human Growth Hormone occurs during sleep. And not just any sleep, but during that all important deep sleep phase. Of course, the cruel irony is that many adults suffer from sleep deprivation, insomnia, trouble falling asleep, and staying asleep. The good news? The solution for getting a good night’s sleep and promoting an optimal release to boost HGH is as close as your kitchen! Here are the top five foods to help you sleep, so you can be sure you’re in dreamland when that Human Growth Hormone release comes.

1. A soothing cup of tea. Yes, most tea is caffeinated, which will do the opposite of helping you sleep. But drinking a cup of decaffeinated tea at night in a beneficial blend such as Chamomile can actually act as a sleep aid. Green tea is also a promoter of sleep, thanks to an ingredient called theanine. Just make sure you choose a decaf version of the green stuff for your nightly cup.

2. Snack on sleepy fruits. Certain fruits contain human growth hormone ingredients that can help you fall asleep tonight. Bananas have potassium and magnesium which can help soothe stressed muscles, plus bananas also have tryptophan, that famous substance that makes you fall asleep during the big game after eating a Thanksgiving turkey. Another fruit that boosts your sleep-ability is cherries, because they help your body produce more melatonin, the sleep hormone. This might boost hgh as well.

3. Protein solves your “stay asleep” problem. Perhaps your issue isn’t your ability to fall asleep…it’s your ability to stay that way. This can be damaging to your overall health since your body never has a chance to enter beneficial deep sleep because the wind blows, there’s a dog barking, the light on the clock is too bright …you get the drift! If you’re eating carbs/sugar before bed, this could make the problem worse because your blood sugar eventually drops, usually around 2 or 3 am, and causes you to wake up. Instead, have a snack before bed that has protein, such as cheese, nuts, a boiled egg, or another high-protein snack.

4. A calcium boost also boosts your sleep which will boost human growth hormone. Enjoying a bit of low fat dairy (how about in combination with the sleepy fruits or the tea?) is another way to sleep better at night, thanks to both tryptophan and calcium, which can have a stress reducing effect! Try some Greek yogurt, a glass of milk, or some cheese. Just be sure to stay away from dairy that is full fat or has lots of sugar, since this could bring an unwanted side effect: weight gain.

5. Nuts about sleeping. A handful of nuts before bedtime will make you less nuts during the day. Good choices for bedtime snacking include walnuts and almonds. Walnuts have melatonin which helps you fall asleep, while almonds have magnesium to help you stay asleep. Walnuts also have tryptophan, which can help you produce the serotonin necessary for normal sleep/wake cycles and will boost hgh.

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