What You Need to Know About HGH & Metabolism

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There’s plenty of evidence that shows Human Growth Hormone is great for your metabolism, and we all know that having an efficient metabolism is key for losing weight, or maintaining a healthy weight. Metabolism is the process by which your body takes the food you eat and converts it to energy. People with good (or “high”) metabolisms are often those that are the envy of others because they seem able to eat whatever they want and stay the same size, while people with a slow metabolism often struggle with weight. Another important fact about metabolism is that, just like HGH, metabolism decreases as we age, and in fact, HGH may play a role in the body’s reduced efficiency at turning food into fuel as we age.

HGH is responsible for keeping your major organs in tip top condition, but as you age and your levels of HGH decline, this becomes more difficult as the body has to use less available HGH to do the same job. This results in the deterioration of organs in some cases, and that includes those in the digestive system. Making sure your body has optimal levels of HGH as you age is vitally important for the health of your organs, and for helping to keep your metabolism strong to avoid that dreaded middle age weight creep. In addition to this, it is helpful to avoid making some common metabolism mistakes, in order to ensure your healthy habits and your HGH levels can keep your metabolism revved up for the most energy. The mistakes to avoid:

  • Eating too little. This may seem counter-intuitive, until you realize that your body has just as hard a time when taking in too little calories as it does when taking in too much. The body will basically shut your metabolism down to make sure it has enough fuel for basic functions, and then may even resort to grabbing muscle tissue for its energy, which would be a health disaster down the road.
  • Not knowing that liquids can provide important metabolism boosts. Drinking cold water, tea, and coffee can help you raise your metabolism. Cold water makes your body work to raise the temperature, while tea and coffee have caffeine, which is an important stimulant.
  • Being low on crucial nutrients. Your body requires lean protein, Vitamin D, calcium, and iron for a healthy metabolism. Women, especially, fall victim to having too little of these important nutrients, although guys should be sure they’re getting plenty of each, too. Protein is required for having lean muscle mass, which can more effectively burn calories. Iron and Vitamin D both help ensure your muscles are healthy and that they can efficiently burn fat or retain their healthy lean muscle tissue. Women should pay attention to their daily calcium intake, because too little can lead to a slow metabolism.

Taking steps now, no matter what stage in life you’re at, to ensure you have a healthy, efficient metabolism will help you immensely later on in life when the metabolism slows down for many people. A combination of maintaining the right level of Human Growth Hormone and avoiding common metabolism mistakes can spell the difference between acting your age – or acting, looking and feeling much younger!

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