What’s the Deal With Mineral Makeup and Skin Care Products?

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You may have seen mineral makeup products on the drugstore shelves or in high-end beauty supply stores and wondered how mineral-based products compare to regular cosmetics and skin care products. Are minerals healthier for your skin? Can they help your skin look smoother, younger, and more radiant? Although mineral-based cosmetics are mostly aimed at women, there are also mineral skin care products which are formulated for men, such as moisturizer and bronzers. Some people say mineral cosmetics are all hype. Others swear that mineral cosmetics make their skin appear smoother and leave them less prone to breakouts and allergic skin reactions. Also, some claim that mineral makeup and skin care products are healthier since they leave out many of the chemical ingredients found in traditional makeup.

Most people want to put their best face forward, and the cosmetics industry spends billions of dollars trying to help us find the perfect products for us. More products and skin care lines have appeared recently that advertise themselves to be mineral-based, which means they are formulated from crushed pure minerals such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, and mica. The benefit of using these mineral-based cosmetics products often depends on who you ask. Some people proclaim that once they used mineral makeup, in the form of loose powder, blush, bronzer, eye shadow and lipstick, they will never go back to using conventional makeup again. Naysayers say the mineral makeup craze is just hype, that many makeup products already contain minerals, and that mineral-based makeup products can actually accentuate fine lines, pores, and dry areas rather than mask them.

For people who have sensitive skin, or skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea, mineral makeup and skin care products can seem like an answered prayer. Since mineral makeup often leaves out preservatives, dyes, parabens, fragrance, or mineral oils, people who have allergy-prone skin or sensitive skin that is easily irritated by traditional makeup can benefit greatly. Many mineral-based products contain zinc oxide, which is a known skin protectant. It can soothe and heal inflamed skin, making it highly beneficial to people who can’t wear other products. Also, many mineral-based cosmetics contain titanium dioxide which, along with zinc oxide, provides sun protection. One last benefit of mineral products is the coverage you will get from using them. Many mineral makeup advocates say these products look so natural that it looks like your own skin, only better.

Not everyone is on the mineral bandwagon, however. Some people say they prefer traditional makeup and skin care products because mineral products don’t match all skin tones, some mineral products containing bismuth oxychloride can cause skin irritation, and many of the mineral cosmetics products do contain the same ingredients as traditional makeup. If you are interested in seeing if mineral-based products will help your skin look smoother and younger, look for products that have a small ingredients list. Men can try products such as bronzer and moisturizer to help their skin if they are dealing with a skin condition or easily irritated skin. You may just find that there are clear benefits to using mineral-based products, and that your skin is soothed, smooth, and glowing!

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