You Are As Healthy As What You Cook With

 In General Health

We strive to be healthier in almost every conceivable way. We change the way we eat by adding more fruits and vegetables and reducing the amount of processed foods we eat. We try to get into better shape by getting a gym membership and starting a cardio and weight training program. If you have been following our blog, you have even been making sure the air you breathe is health-friendly, detoxing your body, and making sure your digestive system is in check. However, we still haven’t looked at something that may be one of the most important pieces, your cookware!

The number one thing your cookware needs is a raised bottom inside the pans. That will help you drain away the grease that can be hidden in even the leanest of cuts. Avoiding all the saturated fat is definitely beneficial for your long term health.

Other than cooking healthy foods and draining the grease, you have to be careful with what your pans are made out of. Certain metal pans can cause serious damage to your health, including Alzheimer’s. Aluminum and copper are horrible choices for your pans, as they can react with acidic foods at high temperatures, causing the metals to get into your food. Non stick pans also cause issues. At high temperatures, the non stick coating can break down and end up in your food, which is not a good thing at all. Also, if you break through the non stick coating, the underlying metals are usually something like copper or aluminum, two metals that you don’t want to cook with in the first place.

The best choices for cookware include iron, earthenware, ceramic, enamel coated, titanium, and glass coated. Iron is good because iron is an essential mineral for the body, which makes some iron getting into your food from the pan a good thing. Enamel is good as long as the product is high quality, because low quality enamel coatings are usually very thin and can break off and end up in your food. Titanium is a good choice when it is the top coat over an aluminum pan. However, they can be very expensive. Glass is one of the best choices because it evenly spreads the heat and poses no serious health risks when cooking.

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