You Can Use That For Anti-Aging?

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Sometimes the tried-and-true loses its effect, or the search for the most effective anti-aging products leads you in unexpected directions. Back before we knew what acai was, or before we had ever heard of pomegranate, it seemed unlikely that either of these exotic sounding products could possibly become accepted as mainstream foods that practically everyone had heard of or tried. New discoveries are being made every day, and it’s only a matter of time before the next great anti-aging product comes to the market. Could it possibly contain one of the following rising superstars in the world of anti-aging…?

Reishi mushrooms: This fungus grows wild on decaying logs and tree stumps in China. It has been used in China since ancient times as medicine. These mushrooms have chemicals in them that are said to be extremely beneficial, from protecting against cancer tumors to boosting the immune system. The list of potentially helpful uses is a long one, and includes fighting fatigue, lowering cholesterol, protection against HIV and AIDS, reducing hypertension and inflammation, increasing strength and stamina, and protecting against viral infections. Reishi products are available in tablet, capsule, or granular form.

Phloretin: This antioxidant can be extracted from apples. Some anti-aging products contain phloretin combined with vitamin C and ferulic acid, and this mixture has been shown to go deep into the skin to deal with both brown spots and wrinkles. It also might prove effective against non-melanoma skin cancer.

Grape seed: This is another antioxidant, and the oil or extract comes from pressing the seeds of the grape. “significantly reduces free-radical damage [and] combining it with other antioxidants greatly enhances its efficacy. It also has wound-healing properties. For fighting wrinkles, it is one of the top superstars,” says Begoun.

Curcuminoids: This strange-sounding compound found in the spice tumeric is a potent anti-inflammatory and can be used both in ingested form through food, and in products applied to the skin. It has been shown to protect skin from the sun by reducing melanin production and can help reduce inflammation and skin irritations that keep skin from effectively repairing itself.

While there are more well-known anti-aging product ingredients, they might get some new competition from these up-and-coming ingredients in the near future. In the meantime, you can benefit from trying products that contain these ingredients and see the health benefits for yourself!

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