Your Handy HGH Cheat Sheet

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There’s so much new information on the aging process, anti-aging, and the effects of Human Growth Hormone, it can be hard to keep it all straight. Often, the best strategies are the simplest ones, and with so much information coming at you hard and fast, it can be difficult to simplify and put all the information you know into manageable pieces that you can put into practice and start benefiting from today. here is what is important for you to know about HGH and how you can use this information.

Fact: Human Growth Hormone levels are boosted with exercise.

How this helps you: HGH is produced during a rest period between high intensity bouts of cardio. You can help “trigger” production by exercising hard enough for a 30-second burst that you begin to sweat and become out of breath enough that it’s difficult to talk or sing. During that fast burst of activity, your muscles experience damage, and more HGH is released in the aftermath to help repair those muscles.

Fact: What and when you eat are key in producing HGH.

How this helps you: Eat small meals through the day consisting of foods low on the glycemic index. This helps keep your blood sugar stable, which is key for HGH production. Avoiding high sugar foods and drinks is very important because this helps lower insulin levels. High insulin levels will actually suppress HGH production and tells your body to store fat, which is definitely not what you want! A good way to remember it is, “High insulin = low HGH,” so you want to aim for the opposite. Also, don’t eat foods that could cause insulin to spike in the few hours before bedtime, because this will interfere with your body’s nightly release of HGH.

Fact: Natural HGH supplements help boost your body’s production of HGH.

How this helps you: You’ve likely heard that athletes inject HGH or pair it with other “performance enhancers,” or that doctors can give HGH injections, and you may wonder if this is an effective way to boost your HGH levels. Two things to know about these injections can help you understand why a natural HGH supplement, such as deer antler spray, may be more beneficial and effective.

1. Many injections (and other supplements) are synthetic forms of HGH.

2. Too much HGH from an unnatural source can actually cause your body’s natural production to shut down.

Pairing a healthy diet with exercise, plus a natural, effective HGH supplement is key to a healthier, fitter you if you understand how HGH works. Use this handy guide to start making some simple changes in your health routine, and watch your health improve, your outlook become more positive, your energy increase, and experience a better general sense of youth and well-being!

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